How to Clean Faux Lashes Quick and Easy!

One of the best ways to get the most longevity out of your eyelash products is by keeping them squeaky clean. Gunky, dirty and less maintained lashes will wear out faster and will need to be tossed a lot sooner. Therefore, if you want your great pair of eyelashes to last, you MUST care for them. So that's why we are going to discuss How to Clean Faux Lashes Quick and Easy!

After you gently remove your faux lashes from your eyes, you will need a few beauty tools. Grab yourself:

  • A small container

  • Q-Tip

  • Eye Makeup Remover, Micellar Water or Rubbing Alcohol

  • Clean Towel

Next, you are going to dip the Q-Tip into your choice of either: Rubbing Alcohol, Micellar Water or Eye Makeup Remover. Really douse the tip. Then, use the wet Q-Tip to thoroughly clean any glue or eye makeup off of your faux lashes. Be sure to pay careful attention to the lash strip area.

Keeping the the lash strip super clean will keep the hairs intact longer. Plus, it will help you to continue to have smoother application and finish. If bumpy, dried glue is on the lash strip; this will make the eyelash harder to lie flat again the skin and lash line. So be sure to remove all traces of glue to get this icky, gross residue off your beautiful eyelashes!

After, the cleaning process is finished, just lay your faux lashes flat on the clean towel and let them dry. That's it! Simple right?

In just a few easy steps you can keep and get your faux lashes nice and clean. Remember, good maintenance allows beauty products to last longer. So take great care of your lashes and you will look fabulous with them over and over!

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