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Remove Eyelash Glue: 4 Simple Methods That Really Work!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Who doesn't LOVE eyelashes?? In just seconds you can easily transform your look and go from 0 to GLAM in no time flat. However, it's the cleaning up process that can be a real drag. So today, we are going to gab about how to Remove Eyelash Glue in 4 Simple Methods That Actually Work.

Tip1: Did Someone Say Vaseline?

Okay, don't get weirded out, vaseline can be slick, greasy and THICC. But this stuff really works! Vaseline can help you easily remove eyelashes because it is powerful enough to literally dissolve the molecules in the lash glue formula. So not only will you be able to remove lashes fast, but it won't be a major pain or time consuming.

Tip 2: Choose Your Fighter

Did you know oil can help to remove your eyelash glue or liner? Well, it can! Just apply some to a cotton swab or ball and allow it to break down the glue.

Some good oils to get the job done are:

  • Coconut

  • Almond

  • Baby Oil

  • Olive Oil

Tip 3: There's Always Makeup Remover

Oil and Vaseline (also contains oil) may not be something you enjoy putting anywhere near your eyes. So then, you will need another method. For this, just opt for makeup remover then. Just soak a cotton swab or Q-tip in some remover then use it to soften your eyelash adhesive. Ardell Eyelash Adhesive Remover ($6), Lashify Gossamer Lash Remover ($21) and Glossier Milky Oil Makeup Remover ($12) all do an excellent job.

Tip 4: Old Fashion Soap and Water

Remover, Oil and Vaseline are cool, but if you are into the retro, tried and true beauty methods then soap and water will be up your makeup alley. Start by filling a small bowl with warm or hot water and add some soap. Next, use a cotton pad to apply your soap and water solution to your eyelashes. This simple mixture will dissolve the glue and help you take off your lashes.

Regardless, of which of the above removal methods you choose, you can not go wrong. They are easy and simple. Plus, they will quickly get your lashes off so you can get on to other fabulous things and aspects in your life.

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