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"What makes someone beautiful? I think it's their uniqueness, their drive, personality, kindness, style, talents... and a great lip gloss!"


"Beauty is power; a smile is its sword."

— Anonymous

Welcome to ARI BEAUTY!

Hey!! I'm Ari, the owner and creator of the Ari BEAUTY brand! I have always had a love for Beauty, Makeup and Haircare.

I am a true California girl and trust me when I say that we love our glamour out here. I mean... Come on, this is the birthplace of Hollywood! With that being said you will notice a glamour L.A. vibe to all of my products. So enjoy this Beauty space and I hope even more that you love my products and come to feel like a true L.A. VIP! 



I'm mainly a lip color/ lip gloss girl, BUT if I see some glitters, GURLLLLLL... I'm all over it! If you are a fellow BOUGIE makeup lover too then you are going to love my products. They are vegan, fabulous, paraben free as well as cruelty free.

For awhile I have wanted to have my own brand, but was always afraid to just do it. To just pull the trigger. However, two years before the pandemic I had a really challenging health scare, which I learned that I would need to make changes. I was in disbelief, I'm young, this shouldn't be happening... but it was. That journey had been tough enough, then came the pandemic, and it really stressed me out! However, since I was really small (probably 4 years old), I always have enjoyed working with my hands. It is something that always keeps me happy and calm. So I decided, despite everything, the time had come to start ARI BEAUTY.

I spent months developing and researching formulas, creating my visuals and packaging ideas, then finalizing everything so I could launch. It was hard at times, but so enjoyable! Making glosses, lash kits, lipstick and lash oils (yes, all handmade); gave me a sense of pride and joy, I didn't know I could even experience. I have really found my passion and it feels amazing to share my journey and now all my products with all of you too!

I got inspired to create this brand because I love makeup. But now I see that I also like helping others FEEL beautiful too. It's a pleasure!


With ARI BEAUTY You Are The Star!


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